1 Step 1
1- Which of the below range best depicts the number of Finance people in your organization
2- How many people from Finance function are involved in the financial closing and reporting process
3- For how many years the head of financial closing and reporting is performing in the current role
4- Qualification of the Head of Financial Closing and reporting
5- Years of experience of Head of Financial Closing and reporting
6- Which system/ERP the company is currently using
7- How many other systems through which financial information is fed into the system is being used by the company
8- Which of the following best describes the functioning Accounts Payable position in your organization:
9- Is a separate Accounts Payable Module in an ERP
10- Is ERP connected with the bank and the reconciliation is automatically performed
11- Apart from the obvious i.e. tax payment,utilities etc are all other expenditures managed through Purchase Order ?
12- Are you currently using any contract management solution through which performance obligations and accruals are managed: (choose N/A only if there are no contracts/projects)?
13- Is IFRS 16- Accounting for leases applicable for your organization. If yes, are you managing it in Excel?
14- How would you rate the dependency on the information being provided by third parties for closing the books
15- How would you rate the dependency on the information being provided by other departments of the organization for closing the books :
16- Do you have separate modules integrated with main Accounting system for:
a. Accounts Payable
b. Accounts Receivable
c. Inventory
d. Fixed Assets
e. Project Management
f. Payroll
17- Does system restrict posting of manual journals in the GL Accounts associated with these modules
18- Is the system through which sale is recorded/invoice created integrated with the Accounting Module:
19- Is the recording of Capital Work in Progress managed through the project module:
20- Is the Financial Close calender prepared and communicated to each relevant department every month
21- How much time is spent in preparing Management Accounts once the books are closed
22- Are you using any tool other than Microsoft Excel for preparing Management Accounts
23- Do you receive any input/information from departments other than Finance in preparing Management Accounts/Report