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PTI 2 Years in Government
Survey for Performance Assessment

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Vision & Direction
1- The govt. has been able to give a vision that can help country prosper in the next 10 years.
2- In line with that vision the govt has developed the strategic direction and policy level pillars in the key areas of Economy, Justice, Health, Defense & Education.
3- The govt. has been able to specifically identify the structural reforms required to realize the set vision.
4- The govt. has developed a strong team and put right people at the right place to deliver on the vision.
5- Whether in line with the set vision or not the govt. in the past 2 years has been able to address the problems (that could have been realistically solved in the last 2 years) people of Pakistan have been facing.
6- The Govt. has been able to maintain a right balance between the short term and long - term goals.
7- The Govt. has been able to address well the challenging situation country has faced during the last 2 years such as COVID.
8- The govt has taken initiatives to ease the service delivery through digital means.
9- How would you rate the Government’s internal performance management mechanism?
10- How would you rate govt. on her engagement with various institutions of the state for delivering on its vision?
Communication & Engagement
11- How would you rate the transparency in decision making process and communication of the same to the people?
12- Leadership has taken people in confidence on key decisions.
13- There has been a coherent view of the govt policies from all segments from all within the govt.
14- How would you rate the ease with which people can communicate their message/issues to the govt.?
15- How would you rate govt. on Pakistan’s image building front outside Pakistan?
List 3 best things govt. has done
List 3 worst things govt has done

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