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Assurance Services

Hyphen Consultancy ensures that a statutory audit is not ‘just another audit’ rather its benefits are far- reachingto add value to the client’s entity. Our methodology and techniques are focused towards benefiting the key stakeholders like shareholders, employees etc. The knowledge of IFRS and financial and auditing skills that our staff members possessare directed towards an opinion that is truly dependable.

When there is more than one investor in a project, it becomes cumbersome for the non- operators to perform an audit on the activities of the operator if the internal audit departments of non- operators do not have sufficient resources. Hyphen Consultancy provides services in this area, focusing on protecting the stake of non- operators and authenticating whether the operators are documenting all the related income and expenses. This kind of an audit is common in oil and gas industry and we have experience in delivering high- quality non- operator audit services.