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We are actively engaged in IFRS advisory specifically IFRS Conversion services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is how we help

  • A general understanding of IFRS standards, and analysis of first time adoption options under IFRS 1
  • Preliminary diagnostic analysis / impact assessment and recommendations
  • Compliance review in the context of legal regulations pertaining to reporting to supervisory authorities
  • Support in implementing the new accounting standards, detailed research on specific issues and development of accounting policies
  • Assessment of data collection, controls and IT system processes and redesign of new processes
  • Preparation/review of skeleton accounts and financial statement disclosures including transition notes
  • Development of an IFRS adoption project plan
  • Communication of the impacts of the conversion to IFRS to stakeholders (analysts, regulators, funders and owners/ shareholders) and understand the impacts of changes on KPIs
  • IFRS Training


Converting an idea into a feasible business proposition is what we take pride on!

While no one can accurately predict the future but having a sound basis for a decision to enter into a business or not, a road map of what needs to be done and the risks that need to be mitigated along the way is always good.

Starting right from developing a correct vision, all the important areas of marketing, operations and finance need to be catered for to have the right footing from the word go. By keeping the right mix of the business understanding and the financial prudence we have helped realizing the dreams of startups from the online ticketing business in US to the local tobacco company in Cayman, coal mining in Pakistan to the potash exporter in Australia and from Automobile services in Virgin Islands to the IT service provider in US.

In preparing all these plans we have specifically focused on the following to provide cutting edge to the clients we serve:

• Following the approach of “How the business objectives could be met and is the market niche appropriate”?

• Reflecting the external forces that might affect the business’s operations and existence in the market

• Identifying and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a business and recommending an appropriate course of action

The tool of pricing if used appropriately can become your strategic lever!

In the competitive globalized world in which one operates today, the diversity of products in ones offerings , rising complexity in operating models and the strategic collaborations which has become the need of an hour, pricing decisions cannot be left to the gut.

Through our in depth experience in identifying and analyzing the cost drivers on the one hand and understanding of the business dynamics and the competitive environment on the other we have helped organizations develop an optimized pricing strategy for a positive impact on the top and the bottom line.

We let you play with various scenarios to make a sound business decision!

As business is all about making right strategic choices you need to have appropriate tools in your armory to accomplish the objective. Having a flexible financial model is the one which cannot be missed.

Whether you are about to enter into a new business or eying expansion, merger/acquisition is the next agenda or a change in an operating model a comprehensive and flexible financial model helps you make the right decision.

Our in depth experience and knowledge across various industries, strong financial awareness and the ability to convert the business complexities into a flexible tool is what that distinguishes us in this important domain. Whether its about going for a new coal mine or kicking off an online ticketing business, installation of a tobacco manufacturing facility or expanding automobile services our qualified and professional team has always enabled the clients to make a sound investment decision.


Risk can be transformed into a business enabler when managed effectively!

A methodological approach towards taking the right risks and mitigating the rest is a recipe to sustainable business performance. We work with the organizations to

• Design and implement the risk management framework
• Advice on how to create conducive culture for risk management
• Provide appropriate tools
• Train people for better decision making

If an entity is unable to foresee the risks it is being exposed to and does not identify and manage them, then the operations and resulting profits have a great uncertainty attached to them. We advise companies in this domain so they are able to quantify the likely impact of risks which help them to seize opportunities and mitigate threats both in the short and long term.

In todays global and competitive business environment out of service could literally mean out of business.

A sound and robust business continuity plan covering all the aspects related to Technology, Infrastructure and the Human Resource can help you avoid or not panic in case a major break down happen.

Our plans are based on comprehensive risk assessment and Business Impact Analysis so that a right level of investment can be made to ensure sustainable business operations. We also work with the organizations to test their Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plans.

Accurate and reliable financial reporting is required not only for depicting correct performance but also for making precise business decisions!

We believe in taking a top down risk based approach to design and implement optimum business controls. We combine our deep understanding of the business with the risk management mindset to help clients have a set of controls which do not hamper business operations or negatively impact customer centricity yet ensure the protection of its valuable assets.
We use COSO framework as a foundation and utilize our in depth business knowledge across various industries to provide distinguished services to our clients.

Undetected financial fraud is one of the greatest risks to an organization’s viability and corporate reputation, and it has the capacity to draw into its sphere all associated people, not only the guilty!

A company’s governance is only as good as the prevention, detection and their mitigation of fraud. without the adequate controls in place, a company might be exposed to risk of fraud and misconduct. Therefore we devise a comprehensive and integrated approach that takes all relevant considerations into account and enables them to work together. Doing so helps avoid duplicative efforts, resource fragmentation, and “slip-page between the cracks” associated with one-off or silo approach.


Without a sound business process in place the brightest of brains and the best of technologies can come to halt!

We develop processes with the aim of improving business performance without compromising sound risk management principles. While redesigning the process key Performance Indicators related to the following are always kept in mind

• Customer service
• Employee engagement
• Resource utilization

Our Methodology


Every business decision has a financial implication. The question is, is Finance function effectively playing its part!

Finance functions which are yet struggling with efficiently processing the invoices, closing the accounts on time and spending bulk of their efforts on reconciliations cannot get the seat on the strategic decision making table. First internal house has to be in order!

Once the process is streamlined people are at the core of our functional excellence strategy. Based on industry and organization dynamics we build a comprehensive Finance Capacity Enhancement Model”, the objective of which is to help organizations take decisions based on in depth analysis.

The way we operate can overshadow what we operate!

In the last decade we have seen many businesses have developed and outgrown not because of what they offer but because of how they offer it. Having right operating model can definitely become your strategic advantage.

With an in depth knowledge across various industries, development of strategic plans and process knowledge we can help you turnaround with the effective and efficient operating models.

Internal Audit

An external quality assurance review can help transform an internal audit department into a strategic business function which provides value-addition to the entity. The process essentially identifies opportunities and proves assistance to management in further improving their performance and therefore services, at the same time enhancing the image of the internal audit department and giving them credibility.

With several high-profile quality assurance reviews under our belt and extensive expertise in internal audit, our team is well positioned to evaluate performance and enhance quality of your organization’ internal audit function.

The changing patterns of work and technological advances bring strong competition in the market and to survive and progress, companies need to find the optimal solution in utilizing their resources.

One method is to bring flexibility in work models by outsourcing specific functions. Outsourcing promotes task-oriented environment and provides the agility necessary to keep up with the changing times as well as being cost and time effective.

Why we can deliver what we promise?

Right Team having the relevant experience in the field of Internal Auditing, Governance and Risk management.

Relevant Market and Sector Experience, of working in the Middle East and Pakistan in the field of Internal Audit. Vast experience of internal audit of companies working in the field of construction, manufacturing, power and services sector.

Strong engagement of a Principal Consultant with extensive experience in the domain of Internal Audit and Risk Management.

Experience of both sides of the table – Our principal consultant has served in top tier multinationals in various risk related functions and also in advisory services.

There are many challenges to establishing an internal audit function and it can take a while before any benefits can be seen since this requires a change in the organization’s culture. We help with this change by establishing a comprehensive framework for your internal audit department, relevant to your company’s needs. Within a short time, your internal audit function will be capable of addressing company expectations and adding value.

Public Financial Management and Development Consulting

The Public Expenditure Financial Accountability Assessment is a widely used tool to provide Governments and the International agencies with an objective, indicator-based assessment of the Public Financial Management (PFM) system. It helps to assess the situation with respect to Aggregate fiscal discipline, strategic allocation of resources and efficient service delivery.

With our in depth experience in various public sector domains and special focus on South Asia region we are well positioned to provide an objective assessment based on the PEFA framework to Internal donor agencies as well as to the Governments at National and Sub national level.

Monitoring and Evaluation Coming Soon ....

We provide specialized services with respect to understanding, mitigating and monitoring fiduciary risk. The risks related to Financial Management, Procurement and corruption are comprehensively covered to give a holistic view to the donor agencies.

With our extensive experience across Governance, Internal Control and process improvement we provide our clients an on objective and credible assessment of organizations’ standing before any key decision is made.